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 Murff Consulting Group

 Cultivating the greatness within each scholar 
Empowerment Movement

Murff Consulting Group holds a core belief that education is the great equalizer. Our children are our greatest gift. Every child deserves a high-quality education in order to reach their optimal potential. The Education Empowerment Movement has a clear focus on providing all children with the equitable education opportunities they need for success. This movement recognizes that empowerment and advocacy must align to ensure our children get the education they deserve. Murff Consulting Group works alongside teachers, administrators, caregivers, community advocates, educational researchers, and policy makers.

My "Why"

I'm Dennisha Murff, Founder and President of Murff Consulting Group.  As an educator with more than 25 years of experience, I have been able to see the power of culturally responsive practices and equitable learning opportunities for all students.  I desire to ensure that all students experience these powerful learning environments.  I am also committed to providing all stakeholders with the tools necessary for transforming learning environments for students.  My strategic approach in meeting each individual at their current level of performance helps to ensure that teaching and learning gains are made.

Meeting the Needs of All Learners

Culturally Responsive, Equitable, and Inclusive Practices

The "What" and the "How"

Curriculum and Instructional Practices

Embracing the Village 

Family and Community Partnerships

Leadership Matters

Executive Leadership Coaching

"Coming into the school year, we knew we had to be innovative in our approach to improve academic outcomes for our scholars. We also understood how intentional we wanted to be with our school environment and instructional practices. We decided to work alongside Dr. Murff to do a 3 session cycle to embark on a culturally responsive journey as a school. The guidance and support provided by Dr. Murff will not only transform academic outcomes for our scholars but transform teaching practices for our entire staff." 

 -Principal McGuire

"Dr. Murff's professional development and book have helped open our eyes at our school to how we can better acknowledge, celebrate, and educate ourselves on the different cultures in our building.  Our teachers and students have built better relationships and gained a better understanding of one another as they learn to be more culturally responsive together."

-Principal Mark

"The time spent with Dr. Murff as my mentor has been invaluable and transformative for me.  I am not only more confident in who I am as a leader, but I am also able to provide my buildng more effective leadership because of all she has taught me.  Dr. Murff is both a tremendous wealth of knowledge and an outstanding mentor for school leaders and teacher leaders who aspire to be school leaders.  My ability to transition into building administration has been a smooth one thanks to her coaching and mentorship."

-Assistant Principal McCann-Thomas

"Dr. Murff is the true definition of a servant leader, who builds on the strengths of aspiring leaders and allows them to see their greatness and potential. As a previous recipient of mentorship and guidance from Dr. Murff, I am certain that aspiring leaders can draw from her knowledge, expertise, and most importantly, her love for equitable learning experiences for all students." 

- M. Boyd, Instructional Coach 

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